Bèstia Blanca
Bèstia Negra

White Grenache

One year after the launch of “La Bèstia Negra”, at Grup Oliveda we wanted to find him a companion. In this case, a White Grenache which is born in the Massís de l’Albera where the wild rabbits roam our vineyards.

To save the wild and daring point of his boar companion a digital collage of a dominatrix rabbit was created emphasizing her silky appearance but with a strong personality

Red Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon

Wild boars are the “black beast” of many winegrowers for the incidents that occur in the vineyards.

However, they are an important part of the ecosystem and we are the ones who have to work on finding effective solutions that help protect both the vineyard and these animals.

In this way, we wanted to humanize our particular “black beast”, with a digital collage, incorporating it into the family of Grup Oliveda labels.